Our focus and offerings includes, but is not limited to low, medium and high voltage switchgear work which we are specialist in this field.


  • High, Medium & Low Voltage Solutions
  • Installation and cold commissioning of LV, MV & HV switchgear
  • Maintenance and service of circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Maintenance and service of motors and transformers
  • Cables (Supply, Install, Test and fault find)
  • Cable Installation work and VLF Testing
  • Joints and termination of cables
  • Retro Fit solution (LV and MV)
  • Protection testing and commissioning of relays
  • Maintenance and servicing of speed drives
  • Metering (supply, install, maintain, and configure)
  • Solar Panels (size, supply, install and maintain)
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Switching Training
  • UPS ( uninterrupted Power Supply) solutions
  • Batteries & Battery Charger Solutions